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The virtual masterclass

Freeda's webinar for Mindshare's the Huddle 2020 was around how we can adopt the proper use of gendered language within not only the media industry but also on a personal level, with easy changes like adding your pronouns in your email signature. As the creative on this project I designed all the graphics including 'Freeda TV' backgrounds for the zoom speakers, writing loose scripts for speakers as well as ideation of the overall concept.


This was a challenge for the 2020 Huddle as no thanks to COVID-19 we had to celebrate from our home offices, but taking this into account I wanted to create an experience that was as immersive as possible, with the limitations of a computer screen; this culminated in a virtual quiz the audience could participate in on their phones, with questions asked by our host on the zoom call. Questions were around gendered language, understanding of pronouns and gendered terminology, the questions fed back to us and we're able to see the final results and leaderboards so that the data could be analysed during the call, which the panel could respond to.


Extending this concept I adapted a tacky 80s gameshow theme, with vibrant backgrounds for the speakers and for the quiz with cheesy puns woven into our script. This aesthetic is synonymous with Freeda with the bold neon colour palette, as well as a stand out amongst other webinars in terms of visuals, the fun and interactive concept brought one of the largest audiences of the Huddle and received glowing feedback, it was definitely not another boring zoom call to fall asleep to...





I curated the panel choosing talent who were able to speak personally and professionally on the subject. This included gender fluid editor of the Gay Times Reeta Loi; and  speaking from an industry perspective, copyright expert Holly Hobkirk. The conversations lead by our host were really insightful, offering useful tips of how we can change in our personal and work lives, adopting more inclusive values as we strive for better education and understanding of gender language and inclusivity.

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