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LBM (Little Bacteria Man) in 'The Discovery Of Bacteria'

The true events of the discovery of Bacteria.

LBM questions "what took you so long?" as he reclines in his arm chair watching another episode of Jeremy Kyle and generally contemplating the use of human beings.

This was for a project entitled the 'Alchemy of Design' that encouraged us to explore major scientific discoveries. As a starting point I came up with the metaphor 'Bacteria is an intruder'.

My original experimentation pieces I enjoyed making, exploring the use of scientific photography as well as more physical elements. I'm not too good at science and really couldn't tell you about the discovery of bacteria. So I initially personified bacteria as a home (person) invader, imagery of doors, keys and locks sprung to mind which eventually developed into unlocking the door of truth (oOOooohhh) about the discovery of LBM. A funny looking little man, sitting there, judging us. Living in us and one everything... so casually.

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