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The Spiciest Drag Fundraiser

Hosted within the Manor House warehouse community, Spicy Werk #1 boasted a spicy selection of diverse drag cabaret performers, from the American Psycho inspired drag kings to BPD explanations from queens. Our audience was spoilt with early evening booty shaking to early hours death dropping, with techno tunes and cheesy classic blasting from our sound system at the after party.

Spicy Werk is my baby. I curated the line up, hosted the show in drag, created all the promo assets, decorated the space and pulled in many favours from
 photographers, videographers, sound techs and of course the incredible drag talent and DJs who made the event so spicy. The vibes were immaculate, the community came together in the most beautifully supportive way to raise money, have a boogie and watch a Ratatouille themed rat funeral. In the courtyard during show breaks Islington Cop-watch offered advice regarding police intervention; valuable knowledge especially for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The aim of the night was to raise money for The Outside Project, a charity offering support for queer people without homes/ unstable housing, of which we raised over £600.

Second edition incoming... watch this space. 🌶️

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spicy werk logo_.png
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